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welcome to the booth

the booth is your information and news booth on latest news and content.

updates on latest music  

a sequel to wolf gurl is coming 

a new ep  that will feature eye of god 

a wolf gurl sequel ep/album will feature wolf gurl and may also be a new wolf gurl version too 

also a new raven album that's been in the works for sometime is now complete will coming in fall 2023/early 2024

bugs and fixes

we working on all known bugs as we speak including a bug content view on iphone devices eta unknown 

please check the blog for more info 

or try clearing browser cache and try again 

welcome to the booth

most popular on tiktok 

stormy beats,all the thugs

most popular on amazon music 

Lincoln Park, skegness and hardstyle

most popular on amazon prime music 

ravens flower,i am stormy ,total dance,welcome to the jungle 

most popular on spotify

stormys beats, Christmas trap extended, Lincoln Park 

and zombie dubstep

most popular on deezer music

most popular on youtube 

stormy beats ,lincoln park ,wolf gurl 

spears and harpoons

spears and harpoons well track was dedicated to my friend nicknamed rising star 

eye of god 3rd floor

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