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  • ultimate news-new the booth

    interviews see interview with best mate and studio crew member martell current pending the making ravensflower and interviews with crew members the booth the remake of the raven remaking the raven and theme from ground as these that know theme as it currently stands is birdy crow like themed music but just face of it it has always been little more than that from very start but with the remake there be same great music just whole new side of raven haven't seen but in the begin the raven started out as soundtrack music idea the it evolved in more edm vibe which has kinda stuck but as edm the possibilities are endless giving this theme more freedom to show its colors and next chapter of the raven is in the works but the wolf gurl theme expansion is already in the works and of course my new up coming ep is on the way and initially it was going to be an album but instead it will be a ep as the maybe more to come prior to that theme which a post modern classic vibe

  • The booth party redesign

    The booth party redesign same great content just fresh new look and feel as we merge with the hall of fame , Spot light content and our tarten Punk brand we now proud to present to you the ultimate feeling and classic with hint modern day vibes ,fans far and wide come check out the ultimate feeling the new name for the booth party same great content and more we just call it ultimate for short the ultimate experience only found here for members only

  • tarten punk

    tarten punk our cobranded designing service and brand new shopping experience with all new clothing and accessories with new style in mind mostly tartan and tarten punk is inspired by that tartan and gothic vibe and of course Scottish tartan as well

  • payments

    payments, store payments ,paywalls and subscriptions our payment system is now working so you can join the booth party and our store products and any payments info will be posted here

  • world famous -hall of fame

    hall of fame here is where find out more about all my music including my track stormy beats which hit Australian apple music and itunes charts in 2016 since its release in 2015 its have 55 million hits on tiktok in form of  the track being use in your tiktok stories so i official djdarkstorm we like thank you fans and tiktokers for keeping the track alive and succuess of course also mentioning stormy beats warefare editon from album instrumental warefare and the return of the stormy beats these verison are little differnt and its possible i may do other version in future hall of fame feaures the hall of fame realease articles ,interviews from studio crews members ,about or the making of and the spotlight which feature the last release  to current and upcoming releases and also two biography  an mini biography  which small insight the full biography  with more depth about me ,my life and my music

  • spotlight

    welcome to the spotlight this more in deep in dept about me the artist  and  about me info my music ,interviews with me and studios the crew from ravens flower video interviews see interview with best mate and studio crew member martell the making ravensflower and interviews with crew members the remake of the raven video bio who inspired me from start till present

  • the booth party

    welcome to the booth party here we be talking about what is to come and vibes the music is set to what moods to feel by listening to the music

  • restructuring

    with page id we moving and recreating better experience with page ,content and well site wide with id some page and content have static pages this is going to change posts and other information when have a content id blog and members areas may or may not depending on the service will under content or members id static and dy pages will now have page ids this restructing is part of 7.0 update which is being rolled out eta unknown

  • new hall of fame

    spotlight and interviews with studio crews and more spot light ,video bio and the hall of fame is joining the booth party so all exclusive content is all in one place

  • the look and feel

    ah ..... feel good new menus ,backgrounds, buttons do dads the full works the eye mobile ui ,custom modes with switches mobile and tablets style different to web/desktop hover /std buttons A01g5h4hh4jh4r4jjf4h5d4h4jry9jj4f6j pages, sites apps with new styles roll out started

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