welcome to my xp

my xp 

updated all channels are moving to our part of the castle hills site where there is now artist channel and studios access pages over there and fan area over there too memberships are moving to castle hills plus 

but for members area here we are pulling the plug at least for the moment its possible it my return in the future 

a brand new mech shop-host by projeket where my merch and others can be brought there

new fans area visit projeket shop to get membership with 50% discount when choose a rolling membership 

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56 million streams 

most popular track -stormy beats,all the thugs


8.8k streams 

most popular tracks -stormys beats, Christmas trap extended, Lincoln Park and zombie dubstep

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3.9 k streams

Lincoln Park, skegness and hardstyle 

data from amazon this includes prime music 


data coming soon 

streams data as of 20th nov 2022


cassies tings_edited.jpg

cassies tings channel 

what's changing, well with some of our content moving to cassies tings and the entertainment hub, memberships are changing our club membership will now be part of castle hills plus 

new terms will on the way to apply these changes 

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music stores

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