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part one

part one

in 2011 i as bout 22 in a relationship with lovely girl name natnat and back then i wasnt sure where  my music would lead or my relationship for that matter ...but natnat is still a good friend even after our split maybe  some things   i regret but not for dating her ,as for realatonships some times they dont work out the way we would of like them to. 

in 2013 music wise i under took several courses to better my skills at music and other skills and in and around 2015 i took job at local hospital and was being trained to be a porter 

but sadly felt ill and was unable to complete my training as would of like to and this was around time notice some food problems and late on found i had a serious underlining illness to some foods which as made it more diffcult but i am starting get use to the new normal yeah like got a choice and some cravings for foods no longer can eat is frustrating  

note names are shown as nicknames no real names unless otherwise stated 

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