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find out more about world famous track stormy beats

welcome to the new hall of fame

find out more about world famous track stormy beats

here is where find out more about all my music including my track stormy beats which hit Australian apple music and itunes charts in 2016 since its release in 2015 its have 55 million hits on tiktok in form of  the track being use in your tiktok stories so i official djdarkstorm we like thank you fans and tiktokers for keeping the track alive and succuess of course also mentioning stormy beats warefare editon from album instrumental warefare and the return of the stormy beats these verison are little differnt and its possible i may do other version in future  

hall of fame feaures the hall of fame realease articles ,interviews from studio crews members ,about or the making of and the spotlight which feature the last release  to current and upcoming releases 

and also two biography  an mini biography  which small insight the full biography  with more depth about me ,my life and my music

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