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in 2011 i as bout 22 in a relationship with lovely girl name natnat and back then i wasnt sure where  my music would lead or my relationship for that matter ...but natnat is still a good friend even after our split maybe  some things   i regret but not for dating her ,as for relationships some times they dont work out the way we would of like them to. in 2013 music wise i under took several courses to better my skills at music and other skills and in and around 2015 i took job at local hospital and was being trained to be a porter but sadly felt ill and was unable to complete my training as would of like to and this was around time notice some food problems and late on found i had a serious underlining illness to some foods which as made it more diffcult but i am starting get use to the new normal yeah like got a choice and some cravings for foods no longer can eat is frustrating  note names are shown as nicknames no real names unless otherwise stated 

what got me started -well when was young lad my father use to get a cassette recorder out and messing around recording funny and wacky stuff ... it was then i discovered i wanted to not quite create my own music that came after but i wanted to rap i grown up listening to run dmc's its like that but wasnt till started secondry school around bout time of my 12 th birthday with my high school sweetheart ... oh boy was she hot little number (now am embarassing myself bit here) also she is very good person to know and my best friendof course it was then i was hooked by her beauty and was inspired to create and although am sadly not with my high school sweet heart now but have some very good memories  am glad to have been inspired and if  she is reading this sorry bout hot little number thing but just stated how felt back when you was mine and sorry  that you never heard that  back then and  thanks you so much with all my heart thank you for inspiring me to create.  you could say she is core of what led me to starting at career in the music industry although there was some other factors but i been holding in core reasons for long time and respectfully i will not be showing her name anywhere  in this bio

some other factors lead me down the music instudry path ,music is the universal languge  and yet we can all enjoy and understand  what does to ,how it makes you feel changes to your mood  music layers and textures ,notes ,beats ,vocals that are the make up of tracks or songs and serval types called genres and music is liked due individual preference for me its was drum and bass  to start with then rap and hiphop music and as got older more i more into music elements and i have always been into classical music for some reason  ..what keeps me into producing  has to be my fans ,the love and passion  for music alsojust  creating and making my own  music works thanks reading dont forget check out the music 

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